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JUNE 1st 2021 - 12PM EST
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Take your wealth creation from a limited one-lane street to a wide-open multi-lane highway - by acquiring your way to it. Learn how to buy profitable businesses, grow your wealth, and build your empire.
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
  The course really taught me about how structuring deals (acquisitions) happen and how they are not impossible. The process was very simple. As soon as we finished that final session (to the day), I started reaching out and looking at all the different avenues to get in front of businesses and talk about buying them. Within
7 days, the agreement was done. Within the month, I was running it full-time.
- Chris Morledge - Copper Bay Digital



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The Empire Creation Accelerator is for entrepreneurs and investors who have made the non-negotiable decision to grow their wealth, gain true financial freedom, and start living life on their own terms. 
Does that sound like you?
If you want to grow your business and wealth through business acquisitions, it might very well be. You might be a business owner who has the ambition to grow exponentially but feel your business has hit maximum capacity. Or you might be an investor who wants to create freedom and wealth by buying and selling businesses for a living, but don’t know where to start.
By the end of this 5-week LIVE online intensive, you will have the tools and resources to develop the mindset, skillset, strategies, and tactics to be a world-class dealmaker, and be ready to go out and start creating your own business empire!



To put it short, there has never been a better time in history to buy businesses. In the US alone, there are over 10,000 baby-boomers reaching retirement age every day, and by the year 2030, all 'boomers' will be at least 65 years old. Many of these are small business owners (i.e. revenues between $1m and $10m per annum) that will be looking to sell. This presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy healthy, fully operational, and profitable businesses at a significantly lower valuation than they would have had a decade ago. In fact, the stats from 2019 ( Insight Report) show that of the 2.3 million businesses that were listed in the US that year, only 1 in 12 actually sold. The majority were closed down by the owners due to having no plan for succession. This dynamic is incredible, to say the least!
Just imagine how much value you could add to an already good business by simply improving the marketing, the operations, or adding it to your existing portfolio as a bolt-on to other businesses, creating spill-over value. Many baby boomers did not build their business with the same access to technology ,marketing, or global talent that we have available today, which presents an often straight-forward path to significantly increasing the value of the business. With so much of the hard work and pain of the 'start-up' phase having already been done (building cashflow, and products and services, finding customers, building the brand, etc.), we believe that buying businesses and growing through acquisitions is by far the best way to build long-term, sustainable wealth. And that is what we do ourselves.



The 5-week LIVE online intensive will take you through how to buy businesses from A-Z.  Consider it a mini-MBA in ‘Business Acquisitions’, where you will learn how to effectively scale your cash flows and grow your business or portfolio quickly and with minimum risk. You will get the tools to become an ‘acquisition entrepreneur or investor’ which opens the door to wealth creation that might be otherwise impossible in an already existing business. 

Through a combination of LIVE sessions and the use of best practice resources, Nick will take you through the step-by-step process of how to buy healthy, profitable businesses using very little of your own capital. He will then show you how to use this process to grow your net worth, cash flows, and eventually, your empire.



Before we kick off, you will:
  Get lifetime access to the members-only Empire Creation Accelerator Facebook group with like-minded people on a similar journey to you - for networking and accountability.
  Receive an assessment for you to complete and gain clarity on where you are today, and where you want to be. 
  Receive the following: Buying Businesses Checklist, Leverage Buyout Model Template, Deferred Payments Calculator, and Partner Joint Venture Template.
  Receive the following: Your Strategic Plan for Buying Businesses and 90-Day Goals, The Target Business Specification Canvas, Your 5 Year Vision and 1 Year Plan, Deal Origination Pipeline Tracker, Business Specification Scoring and Business Quality, Direct Outreach Template, Network Infiltration, 1st Meeting Questions and NDA Template.
And Much More...

WEEK 1: Wealth Engineering & Acquisition Specification 

  • Clarity On Your ‘Why’ & The End Game
  • ​Market Opportunity & Leverage
  • The Perfect Deal For You
  • Resilience & Belief Systems

WEEK 2: Market Strategy & Deal Sourcing

  • Industry Dynamics
  • High-Level Sourcing: Network, Intermediary, Upstream
  • ​Find The Perfect Deal
  • Identifying a Deal Match

WEEK 3: Seller Engagement, Deal Analysis & Qualification

  • Building Rapport
  • ​Deal Process, Approach & Timeline
  • ​Initial Financial Analysis
  • ​Building Your Deal Team

WEEK 4: Deal Offer & Financing

  • The Deal Offer Sequence
  • Deal Structure & Leveraged Financing
  • LOIs, SPAs & The Full Legal Process
  • ​The Important Roles Of Trusted Advisors

WEEK 5: Negotiation, Closing & Future Growth Strategy

  • The Closing Process
  • Final Deal Execution
  • ​Ownership Transition
  • ​Crafting Your Business Plan For The Future
Please note: Each module will be 2.5 hour incl. breaks, and will be accompanied by “homework”, best practices resources, templates, and workbooks suiting each of the modules and steps you will take, to successfully get started buying businesses. 

What's the investment?

The Empire Creation Accelerator investment is £2495 plus VAT with an early bird reduction down to £1995 plus VAT.
Not only will you gain access to the latest thinking, teaching, and training on acquisitions from world-renowned experts, but you will also be learning in a LIVE online environment with other business leaders and investors. This will help expand your knowledge and network while providing additional insights and accountability. 
It's also worth keeping in mind that all professional development of this type can be written off as an existing business expense for tax purposes (please check this with your CPA/accountant in your region).


 1. Trust the process - Some of the work we do in week 1 produces results in week 5 and beyond. Stay with it, push through impatience and frustration, and trust that we are moving you towards your goal at the right pace.
 2. Don’t go monkey brain - On the Accelerator, we will give you additional work to do that requires you to get resourceful and step outside your comfort zone. In moments of discomfort, keep your eye on the prize - we are on your side, fighting your corner.
 3. Do the work, no matter what - We assume you are busy, we assume you have other commitments, but we also assume you are driven and resourceful. Don’t come to the group with excuses, jump on the Zoom with a mindset and focus on action and results.



My name is Nick Bradley. I'm a world-renowned business growth expert, who helps entrepreneurs and investors build empires - by buying, scaling, and selling businesses.
Over the last decade, I have built, bought, and sold 24 businesses that have sold for a combined value of over $5bn dollars. I have also worked with a number of the largest Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across the US and the UK leading business turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and scale-ups.
I'm also the host of the world's leading podcast on business growth, Scale Up Your Business, which has been ranked #1 on the iTunes and Spotify business rankings - with over 250,000 downloads in 130 countries.
In the last two years alone, I have helped hundreds of business owners create wealth and freedom so they can live life on their terms. Now I would like to help you achieve the same.



I believe that you are here because you’re ready to commit to that non-negotiable decision to grow your wealth and achieve freedom. You are ready to play big, and I’m here to help you do it. Don’t let any excuses get in the way of the life that you envision for yourself and want to create. The opportunity is here, and I’m here to guide you through to fully leverage that, right now. Make the decision, join me, and let’s get to building your empire!

Please note: This program is by application only as we will only be accepting a limited number of qualifying candidates. Please click the link below to schedule your consultation

Nick Bradley - Scale Up Your Business
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